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Joshua Wong

Leveraging from my experience as a realtor, I have conjured a method to help owners upgrade and own several properties through careful investments.

With the expertise and knowledge that I have gained, I am grateful to be able to invest in private properties. Hence, I know that the moment a transaction involves a great deal of your hard-earned money, every decision has to count. Diligence and hard work will naturally come into play to ensure you don’t lose any monies. Therefore, armed with those resilient traits, I dived right into numerous hours of research. Hence, by combining all these methods, I can craft a framework that can help to provide a possible profitable solution for all property investors.

Make an appointment with me today and let me help you in OVER achieving your goals using R.A.M strategies.

R.A.M – (Risk Analysis Management) Making sure that you can afford a house comfortably and within your means

My Expertise


I got to know Joshua after reading his e-book, hence, I went ahead to meet up with him. During the first meetup, he shared a lot of property investment strategies. His knowledge further interests me to have a few more meetups. I sold my HDB and upgrade to my private property and am currently looking to purchase a second property. Till today, I have never once regretted the decision of going with Joshua and advise you all to speak to Joshua for your next property purchase.

George Qiao – Business Executive

I have been trying to upgrade but yet have to be careful with the finances as I am concerned with the huge monthly loan liabilities. What Joshua share has made both me and my wife realized that it is possible to upgrade comfortably. As long as we apply the R.A.M strategy, we are very safe and well protected. His advice allows us to take a huge step forward. Today, we are proud owners of private properties and kudos to Joshua for helping us!

Rahul – Property Investor

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