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How to even have a lump sum of number or savings in 5 years?

There are a lot of options in generating passive income. However, over here we will mention how we go about to get passive income from properties. Usually, young couples who just started with their careers and families always face the issue of not having ANY / LITTLE SAVINGS due to expenses. It is the lifestyle that we choose to indulge in. Property is the best instrument as it induces forced saving and help you generate a lump sum of savings upon sale. Furthermore, it might even generate high return yield due to capital appreciation

The other scenario will be whereby Singaporeans purchase a second property for investment. Let’s say it is a $1mil property, with 30 years loan tenure. During this period, the property can be rented out to tenants. The tenant will be helping to pay off the MONTHLY principal and interest amount. Ideally, after 30 years, let’s say there is no capital appreciation, the Singaporean has bought the $1mil property (current market rate) with only $250k down payment as the rest has been paid off by the tenant.

1. Meet

Meet up to better understand your needs – this help us to align our goals and strategies

2. Look

Take a look at your unit and advice you accordingly, whether decluttering is needed, painting is necessary etc

3. Advice

Advice you on marketing strategies, pricing etc

4. Homestaging

Homestaging – Making you house as nice as a new launch showflat

5. VIdeo

Video tour – Generate wider interest for viewings

6. Marketing

Property Marketing Platforms – marketing of property on major platforms

7. Social Media

Social Medial Marketing – marketing of property on FB, Instagram and youtube to ensure a widest net cast

8. Negotiation

Negotiating the deal and helping you close the deal at your preferred price

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