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Reality Vs Dreams

A lot of Singaporeans always wonder how others or their peers actually stay in a condo when their salary is similar if not lower than theirs. How to overachieve in your properties?

  1. Can I upgrade to a condo?
  2. Will I be able to afford it?
  3. Can I turn this dream into a reality? Is it only for the rich?

Case Studies

Investment roadmap

Case Study #1 (HDB)

Investment Roadmap

Mr & Mrs Tan are owners of a 4rm HDB flat. Both of them are professionals and had the vision to own 2 or more properties so they can pass it down to their children when they retire.

They sought my advice on how to move on with their current plan. After going through a financial assessment with them, I came up with a 5-8years roadmap that is comfortable and achievable for them.

They have now upgraded to a 3 bedroom condo and looking to purchase their next property!

Detailed financial planning

Case Study #2 (HDB)

Detailed Financial Calculation might help you get a better buy

This young couple initially planned to buy a 20 years old resale HDB at Jurong East. After detailed calculations, they realized they can buy a brand new condo at Yishun instead.

The most important was they understood how to use take care of the monthly installments without touching their take-home pay.

Fortunately, they had more lease on their property tenure and better capital appreciation.

Money works for you

Case Study #3 (Condo)

Let money work for you

Like most families, Mr and Mrs Lim wanted to use their rental income from their fully paid HDB to supplement the monthly mortgage of their current own stay condominium.

After meeting with them, they realize that they could let their money work harder for them. Their returns are magnified when they sold off their HDB and reinvest their funds into two private properties with potential capital appreciation and good rental yield.

Their properties now command good monthly returns which help to pay off the property.

Turn your dream into a reality

Detailed planning

How we will assist you in this property journey

  • Detailed financial calculation including stamp duty, legal fees, cash outlay, etc
  • Helping you to determine which property suits your need
  • Asset progression plan
  • How to achieve potential upside and enjoy the fruits
  • Provide you actual buyer’s and seller’s sentiments

Not moving out of comfort zone vs inflation

I am very comfortable at where I am right now, HDB fully paid, and no more worries. That may be what it is like on the surface. Have you considered the following:

  • HDB accrued interest
  • Falling HDB prices
  • Prefer to have a common product or a rare product (which have a higher chance of capital appreciation)
  • Provide a better living environment for your family

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